Carolina Group Contracting

Integrity and Value.



At CGC our customers, employees and subcontractors share a common certainty about us: safety is paramount during the execution of all of our projects. Safety is integrated into our projects throughout the project planning and execution process through Site Health and Safety Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, Work Plans, safety training and briefings, oversight of project and corporate safety personnel, and inspections and audits by project and corporate safety personnel. Safety is demanded from everyone, on every job, anywhere we execute work to meet “zero accident performance” goals. We continuously enhance our safety program by sharing information from ongoing projects, after-completion reviews, customer feedback, and OSHA safety bulletins and guidelines. We manage our projects in strict compliance with OSHA Standards and the EM 385-1-1 Safety Manual. Our managers and personnel possess the required certifications including CQMC, ECATTS, HAZWOPER and OSHA 40-hour.


Environmental Responsibility.


Our company has a committed goal of constructing all projects to be sustainable, to be environmentally friendly, to provide a safer indoor air quality for enhanced user and worker productivity, and to meet energy efficiency standards. Our team is experienced in the principles of green construction, including how to minimize resource consumption through reduction in energy usage and improved efficiency, utilization of renewable and recyclable resources, creating healthy non-toxic human environments. Where demolition of facilities is involved in a project, we recycle and remove all copper, steel, HVAC and electrical equipment and wiring, appliances, lumber, doors, windows and hardware, and aluminum. Demolished concrete is crushed into aggregate for reuse at construction entrances, or used for pipe bedding and/or pavement base course. We sort and recycle as much material as possible, with the minimum possible amount of material going to landfills.